Wednesday 12 March 2014

We owe our success to our people and our customers : M. Ganesan

We understand that no one design of PD pump is suitable for all applications. Every need of the customer is different. The viscosity of the liquid, nature, pressure, suction condition, solid content, temperature, etc. demand a very suitable design. Now we are supplying our various designs of PD pumps to almost all possible and impossible applications.” Several of Rovar pumps are working perfectly well, for many of ‘first ever tried applications’. Innovation & customer satisfaction is the company’s motto. It manufactures external gear pumps, internal lobe pumps, shuttle block pumps, motorized barrel pumps, internal gear pumps, single screw pumps and twin screw pumps. Its range starts from 2LPM to 7500 LPM and serves all viscous liquids handling needs effectively. The application engineering excellence, gained through many years of serving liquid handling in industries, helps the company to delight its customers beyond their expectations. Versatile Products Rovar offers versatile pumps for:
  • Handling a wide variety of products right from hygienic food products to even cow dung
  • Thin liquids like kerosene to ultra high viscous liquids(10,00,000 cst and more)
  • Flow rates from 2 LPM to 7,500 LPM
  • Small barrel emptying pumps to big cross-country pumps
Looking back, the success story of Rovar Pumps began when it identified the need for user-friendly positive displacement pumps manufactured in India. While most of the manufacturers set their eyes on standard pumps, Mr. Ganesan started exploring the hidden lucrative areas where PD pumps were never tried before. “We have taken the route less traveled, but had reasonably good potential. Our satisfaction never comes from replacing competitive products, but by creating a new area of application, and show the world: ‘here’s your opportunity – come, explore and grow.” Mr. Ganesan further adds: We were taught that the world is very big; you can make your space at any point of time. When we entered this business, PD pumps market was dominated by some big old companies. Our idea of ‘customized quality product first, money next’ helped us to seize our space very quickly.” According to Mr. Ganesan, success is never the story of a single person. It is of a single minded team with the habit of chiseling out quality products even if no one is looking at.

A highly motivated team and a well-knit workforce alone can be the supporting force, stimulating consistent growth. “We realized that we cannot and should not satisfy an employee by paying money alone. Our endeavour is to make him understand why he is doing what he is doing.

The product he created is going to be used by an unknown person in an unknown location or environment. Then we realize that it is our bounden duty to make it flawless. Our people well received this ‘customer first’ concept. "We at Rovar always offer solutions to the customer, rather than just products. With as many as eight designs of PD pumps and a plethora of designs of other pumps, we are able to offer the customer the right product for the right application."

Insatiable urge to excel.

Mr. Ganesan has an insatiable urge to excel and break his own records. He expresses this in so many words: “We need to go a long way, and our best is yet to come. We were taught that it is the customer who makes us perfect, and at the end of the day he proves to be right. If the basic idea of any organization is being genuine and wanting to serve society, then that organization and its brands will become immortal.” Mr. Ganesan envisions that ‘Rovar Pumps’ will be the world’s No.1. in providing solutions and products in the nearest future. All our activities are attuned to that direction. “We will be the market leader in PD pumps by then. Presently we are exporting our products to Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. Export is our thrustarea and we shall be reaching more countries. Thirty percent of our total production is being exported now. We shall increase this to cater to more overseas customers.” “We are lucky to be Indian. Indian companies have all the attributes to reach the top. Next 100 years are India’s. If we do a perfect homework to ensure quality, taming metallurgy, innovation, user-friendly techniques, educate locally available people, cost-effective and single-minded workforce, then we are on the right path to become a world leader in the not too distant future,” declares Mr. Ganesan.

Mr. M. Ganesan,
Managing Director, Rovar Pumps Private Ltd., is a Mechanical Engineer(B E) specialized in Hydraulics. He started manufacturing positive displacement pumps in the year 1994 at the age of 26 – a humble beginning. Today Rovar Pumps manufactures eight different designs of positive displacement pumps under one roof. “We are one of the very few companies in the world who manufacture different designs of PD pumps,” says Mr. Ganesan.

Article published in Engineering Review, January 2014